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We could not convincingly call ourselves Treehugger without having coconut trees to hug while being in the sunshine State. Coconut trees are abundant in South Florida and provide us with an excellent source of calories. The water of young coconuts is a good source of electrolytes such as potassium and calcium as well as simple sugars which make our cells joyful and our body dance in the sun. The coconut meat is delicious, calorie dense, full of fiber and is used to make coconut oil when fully mature. The oil is very popular around the world and used raw in salad dressing, taken therapeutically by the tea spoon or applied on the skin. It is also prized in cooking due to its saturated properties and better resistance to high temperature.

Most of our trees are still young and for that reason we still obtain most of the coconuts we use from local landscapers. The coconuts are wild harvested but we cannot guarantee they are grown in a chemical free environment.  Consequently coconut is the only fruit/nut we cannot pretend to be organically grown in most situation.  We cannot wait for the day we can harvest thousands of organically grown coconuts every year from our own living pantry. We will get there with patience and help from the higher source.