Nicolas Chalifour

Farm Owner
Nicolas Chalifour

Disappointments with the taste of food, lack of freshness and scary tales of Genetically Modified Organisms led me to search for land to grow my own food in February 2012. My search was short and fruitful. It took less than 2 weeks to find it and in April 2012, I officially took possession of a former palm plantation that had been abandoned following the 2007-2009 financial crisis and turned into a jungle of weeds and invasives.

Buying 4.6 acres was more than what I had planned for my needs. I soon realized that with such a great ease of access and proximity to Fort Lauderdale I should create a business of growing real tasty and nutritious food for others as well.

The need to find the right farmers to help me accomplish that goal was the next challenge. Again, the search was short and fruitful. Within months three young and hungry new farmers saw a great opportunity in creating a farm from scratch. All the signs were there to confirm this project was meant to happen.

Treehugger Organic Farms was born with a permaculture soul.