The most important intention of Treehugger Organic Farms is growing the freshest, tastiest and healthiest food. We do so by focusing on feeding the soil rather than the plant. Soil plays a similar role to the plant than does the intestinal track for humans. Bacterial and fungal activities in the soil feed the plant and help the plant build its immune system by creating an ideal environment for the uptake of minerals and nitrogen. A proper PH in the soil is crucial for the plant to be able to uptake nutrients from the soil. Adequate watering and plenty of sunshine are also required for a healthy plant story. Healthy soil improves disease and pest resistance of the plant and increase its nutritional value.

Proper crop rotation, cover cropping and planting polyculture guilds are also important practices that ensure a sustainable and rejuvenative farming strategy. We reserve space for native plants that are home to beneficial insects, in turn they help us create a balanced ecosystem to attain our farming goals while eliminating the need to use chemicals to fight pests and diseases.

Effectively, we imitate nature and not try to reinvent it. With a greater understanding of our environment and its inhabitants we keep on progressing in harmony and ever renewed passion for our wonderful and bountiful Mother earth.

With Love,

Your Treehuggers

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