Whats up at the Treehugger Farm this summer

Hello dear Treehuggers, hope you are having a great summer so far. We felt like sharing what has been going on at your neighborhood farm over the past few months.  Since most of our fruit trees are still young and not bearing fruits yet, summer is still relatively quiet for us. We stop the market fairs in April, reduced the farm hours and participate in less farmers’s markets for a few months. As a result we miss opportunities to share what we are doing.

Although Divine Mother was a bit slow at sharing its abundant reserve of H2O from above, it did not scare us from planting even more fruit trees in the past several weeks while waiting for the rain to bless our hard work. The rain has finally arrived and most of our new trees have found a new home somewhere in our oasis.

Here is an idea of the diversity of food we have added to our living “pantry” lately: coffey, avocado, caimito, custard apple, carambola, canistel, sapote, rollinia, loquat, sapodilla, jackfruit, sugar apple, cherry rio grande, longans, guanabana, miracle fruit, barbados cherry, guava, coconut trees, sugarcane, akee, hog plum, cinnamon, muskadine grape, mango, pineapple, ginger and turmeric.

There is also a  very exiting news we would like to share with you soon. Look for another blog late August with more details. Here is a teaser.

20150727_095452 20150724_111409

                                                                 What could be coming in this new space?